Learning PartyCAD

  If you would like to get started learning PartyCAD right now, click here and watch the online videos. However, these are meant to just give you an idea of how the program works. Much more detailed help comes with the package: a users guide, over 5 hours of video instruction and extensive online help.

PartyCAD Users Guide

If you buy PartyCAD you will receive a printed copy of the PartyCAD Users Guide. This 30-page manual contains installation instructions and basic tutorials on using the program.

You can download a copy of the book right now to assist in your evaluation of PartyCAD. The download is a 2.4MB PDF file and you will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 to view and print it. Download now

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PartyCAD Help Videos

The PartyCAD CD contains over five hours of instructional videos that can be played by clicking Play Help Video in PartyCAD's Main Menu. The videos explain nearly everything there is to know about how to use nearly every feature of the program. Most people start with the set of videos call Quick Start. These take about 30 minutes to watch and demonstrate the proper use of PartyCAD. A second set of videos, called The Basics, gives you a thorough overview of each of PartyCAD's modules. The Advanced Topic videos teaches you how to make your own furniture, how to use scanned background pictures and other digital art with the program and introduce other advanced techniques. The final video explains how to become a PartyCAD expert.

The videos were created by Hank Hufnagel, the author of the program, and are very popular --- what better way to learn software than to have it explained by the guy who wrote it?

The videos can also be accessed via an index. Clicking an index entry will immediately start the appropriate video at the point where that topic is discussed. This is a real time saver if you want an answer to a specific question.               

   PartyCAD Online Help

Once you have mastered the basics, various online resources will complete your education. Don't know what a button on the screen does? Hold your mouse over it for a few seconds and a tool tip automatically appears. Need an in-depth explanation of something? Press the F1 key or click Help to get full details on any control or module. Want to become an expert at some aspect of the program? Watch an advanced help video.

Help on the Net and from Hank
If you ever have a problem that you cannot crack using the manual or the program resources, you can visit the pages in this web site for PartyCAD owners or post a question at the PartyCAD Forum. Or, give me a call. My name is Hank Hufnagel and I wrote the program. I will be surprised if, together, we can't solve any problem or answer any question you might have about PartyCAD.