The Furniture Album                                          

Clicking the Furniture Album button in the Furnish module causes a screen similar to the one at the right to appear. This is the Furniture Album, one of two ways you can access PartyCAD's library of over 1500 pieces of pre-built furniture. The Party Gallery is the second.

At the right of the Furniture Album menu is a list of furniture categories that you click to bring up a particular page. Once the piece you want is displayed, just click to load it into your design.

The other illustrations here show some additional pages from the Furniture Album. There are many, many more. As you can see, in PartyCAD a piece of furniture can be a tree, a person or a tent just as easily as a table or chair. While you are working in the Furnish module these pieces appear as icons, but really, behind the scenes, PartyCAD builds a 3D model of your event that you can look at with the View or Virtual Reality modules.

PartyCAD has been around for a long, long time and probably already has most of the furniture you will ever need. If not though, you can also build your own furniture  ---  nearly all of the furniture you see here was built using the package.

Here is a list of some of the types of furniture included with the program:

Round seating, banquet seating, tables, tabletop pieces, lights, people, plants, chairs, columns, dance floors, electrical, fencing, fire equipment, food service, fountains, casino games, toilets and wash stations, inflatable games, lattice items, meetings, musical, pipe & drape, staging, trusses, urns, awnings, hot air balloons, houses, signs, Tentnology tents, trees, vehicles, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, kitchen and bath, upholstered furniture, window treatments, office machines, panel systems, storage systems, library furniture and shelving, and computers.



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Furniture Album