PartyCAD 11             

With PartyCAD you can design nearly any eventparties, banquets, conventions, fairs, and meeting rooms. The program can also be used to design residential and business interiors, computer rooms, stage sets and most other spaces.

Watching the Quick Start Videos is probably the best introduction to the package. You can also read the PartyCAD 11 brochure or examine the PartyCAD 11 manual.

Here is a very brief introduction to designing an event using PartyCAD 11.


Begin by clicking the Party Wizard button at the top-right of the Main Menu. This brings up the first wizard menu...


Select a base party from the list and click the Next button to bring up an information form…


Fill in a project name, the name of the event, your company, and some cornerblock information. When you are satisfied, click the Create Party button, and the Party Wizard goes to work to create the first draft of your party…


Right-click on the plan to go to the Furnish module, where you can quickly customize the design.


When you are finished, click Return and PartyCAD updates not only your plan, but also all the art based on the plan, so in seconds you have something like this:

If you want to modify the views, the plan or any of the text on the page, simply right-click on the part you want to change. 

Once you have completed your event, print it or save to a PDF file that can be emailed to your client or enlarged to poster size. You can even append a parts list or price report if you like.

...or for special jobs, you may want to create a video or web page of your design. PartyCAD’s virtual reality module can save video walkthroughs that are playable on nearly any computer. Web pages are also very easy to create and can contain plans and views of your design, as well as videos and PDF files you’ve made using the program. You can e-mail videos and web pages to customers as a single file, or post them to the internet.

Once your design is complete, return to the Main Menu, where you can click the Party Wizard button again to add a template for your party to the wizard. Doing this lets the Party Wizard get better and better at creating exactly the kind of events you design day in and day out.


Get with the Plan
    If you design events in ballrooms, meeting rooms or other interior spaces, PartyCAD is still a great tool. You can use measurements, or import a bitmap or DXF file as a background that will speed your efforts to build a 3D model of any venue.

   If you plan events in the same ballroom frequently, a couple of mouse clicks can add it to the Party Wizard. Now you are ready to make short work of any future projects in that space.

   PartyCAD can do pipe & drape work, too, and can make lists of the parts needed to build your finished designs.


That's PartyCAD in a nutshell. If you need to produce professional event plans, why not get a demo, or better yet, order PartyCAD today.

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